Using Your African American Heritage to Personalize Your Checks

Purchasing bank checks that include images of the African American heritage can be a wonderful way of showcasing your love of your culture and traditions. Today, it is possible to find checks with an assortment of themes, from images of ethnic patterns and cultural symbols to pictures of influential political leaders and popular entertainers.

African Americans have a unique history in the United States. Their journey to North American, as a people, has been fraught with strife and obstacles. Despite the hardships that were faced, however, there is a wealth of African Americans who went on to become award-winning writers, inventors, and groundbreaking politicians.

Early Africans were brought to North America in chains from their native homeland. They were often separated from their families and loved ones and sold at auctions, much like animals. They worked in conditions that were sometimes inhumane and treated with little to no respect.Over time, however, their strength and faith persevered and their great spirits kept them believing that one day they would have the same freedom as everyone else. The first milestone came in 1863 when President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Today, we celebrate the achievements of many distinctive African Americans. Rosa Parks, a woman who refused to be told to move, was a pioneer in the Civil Rights movement. George Washington Carver, an agricultural chemist, invented peanut butter. Fats Domino, Smokey Robinson, and the Jackson 5 are all forged the groundwork of rock and roll.

In today’s world, many African Americans are regarded as some of the most important people in our culture. Oprah Winfrey, who grew up poor and beat personal odds, is one of the richest women in the United States and has built her own personal empire. Colin Powell, a former four star general, was the first African American to be elected as Secretary of State. We recently elected our first black President, Barack Obama, as well.

Employing these images in your personal bank checks can allow you to show pride in your culture and heritage. There are also several different themes that are available.Images that showcase African heritage is one popular choice of themes. Traditional cultural patterns and ethnic symbols are shown in these images. Another common choice contains pictures of renowned entertainers.

Checks that have images of African American children playing freely can also be found. They are often vintage looking.

If you want to use such checks, it’s a good idea to check out prices online before you head to your bank. You can often save 50% by ordering online. On these sites, you can usually order duplicate checks and checkbook covers as well. It generally takes the same amount of time as ordering checks from your local bank.